• Revise whatever you have learnt thoroughly as the questions will be asked from almost all the topics. 
  • Do not learn new topics in the last phase of your preparation.
    Synchronize your study hours with that of the actual timing of the examinations. Make sure that you are studying at
    those hours.
    Read the instructions on the paper extremely carefully.
    Don’t try to solve the entire paper!
    Choose the questions you are going to solve judiciously. Give about 5–6 minutes in the beginning of the exam for this purpose.
    Do not adopt a desultory approach. Give enough (but not too much) time for the solution.
    While giving the final answer, go back to the question and see what is exactly being asked.
    Never leave the final answer of a numerical problem in an uncomputed form otherwise you will lose some marks for the things you know very well. Normally students are used to do it. In JEE a difference of merely one mark may mar your all India rank by even 100 positions.
    Take a few national level tests by enrolling in a test series of a reputed institute.
    After every test, analyze your performance or get it analyzed by an expert. This will help you identify your weaknesses.
    Never read the solution impatiently, if you fail to workout a problem rather give your mind a sufficient drill to tone it up to a level whereby you could be able to explore some unstated facts and facets of science. It will boost up your confidence level also.
    Do not hanker after a number of books. Just one or two books of good quality are sufficient.
    Condition your mind to consider the examination as an opportunity to show your excellence and never let the sense
    of panic come in your mind as there is no much differences between the topper and a normal sincere JEE aspirant as regard to subject knowledge. It’s the difference of mental preparation, which plays the magic.
    Always remain positive about your selection. Believe in yourself.
  • Revise whatever you have learnt thoroughly as the questions will be asked from almost all the topics.