• At PIE we not only pride ourselves at being your soul friend but also your confidante. We continuously seek to gain a deep understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, fears and help you overcome them which in turn goes a long way in bringing you closer to your ultimate goal - Engineering. 
  • Thousands of successful admission in IIT alone in the past 10 years is proof of our resolution and delivery. The reasons are provided below:
  • Dedicated and well trained staff committed to your success, many of them IITians themselves. 
  • A highly acclaimed resource base of well researched course material, which is constantly modernized and updated to keep up with the changing requirement.
    A tried and tested teaching methodology to ensure maximum coverage and comprehension.
    A regular assessment system, scientifically designed to build on your strengths and address the weaknesses.
    Two way feedback system enabling you to judge the performance of the teaching staff and methods.
    PIE has revolutionized the teaching methodology by using 2D & 3D animation and audio visual software.
    Specialized IIT-JEE training with full coverage of C.B.S.E. syllabus.
    PIE has the best student teacher ratio.
    PIE has a state of art library for students to do reference work.
    PIE has an independent solution and doubt clearning center for students to interact with teachers personally or on phone/internet.